Lord’s Day 46 Themes and Divisions


J. Kok


“Our Father who art in heaven”


  1. Childlike fear
  2. Childlike trust
  3. Childlike prayer


“Our Father who art in heaven”


  1. The revelation of the name of the Father
  2. The beauty of the name of the Father
  3. The value of the name of the Father


How shall we begin our prayer?


  1. With knowledge of God as Father
  2. With trust in his love
  3. With love to each other
  4. With awe for God’s majesty
  5. With expectation for the provision of life’s necessities. 


W. Bredenhof


We begin our prayers by expressing a proper way of looking at God


We’ll see a comparison between:


  1. Earthly fathers and a heavenly Father
  2. Earthly majesty and heavenly majesty.


G. VanPopta


Through Christ we may pray as firstborn children.


The firstborn’s


  1. Gracious status
  2. Expectant attitude
  3. Necessary lessons


C. Bouwman


We may freely approach our Father in heaven.


  1. The content of the title “Father”
  2. The reason for the title “Father”
  3. The encouragement of the title “Father”


E. Elliot


Addressing God the Father


  1. Expect great things from God.
  2. Do not let earth restrict your expectations
  3. Pray by the standard of grace.


C. Stam


Jesus Christ teaches us to address God in the spirit of sonship.


    1. An old name
    2. A new sound
    3. A mighty reality


B. Holwerda


Christ teaches us to pray so that in our prayer we would confess God as:


    1. The God of love
    2. The God of the church
    3. The God of majesty.