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'he ■>'*/;..■ if Subscribers, in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same course will be pursued in all future editions.]










LENGTH OF SQUARES EAST AND WEST. Bcg^inning at Schuylkill low water mark on Cedar street. 400

lencc to Water street ; Water street widtli 60

Sq»i:irc to Willow, Willow street 50

Square 'Beach street 50

Square Ashton street 50

Square Front street 60


'Second street 50

Square Third street 50

Square Fourth street 50

Square Fifth street 50

Square ! Sixth street 50

Square 'Seventh street 50

Square 'Eighth street 50

Square ; Broad street 113


'From Sch. to Broad, inclu- sive, 733

, Juniper street 28


'^ Thirteenth street 50

1 1 Square

^ Amount carried forward, 78

620 267 240 273 396 495 396

396 396 396 396 250



396 646

Amount brought forward. Twelfth street width

Square Eleventh street

Square Tenth street

Square Ninth street

Square Eighth street

Square Seventh street

Square Sixth street

Square Fifth street

Square Fourtli street

Square Third street

Square Second street

Square Front street

Square Penn street

Square New Water street

To the end of wharf

From Broad to Delaware,

Total feet from Schuylkill to Delaware,

78 50














646 396 396 396 396 396 396 397 6 400 395 9 500 402 130 7b 205

Vine street

Square Sassafras street [ Square iChcrr}- street

Square Mulberrj' street

Square Filbert street

Square High street

Square ; Chestnut street

Square George street




40 66





1 Amount carried forward, 447

632 288 288 307 306 484 225 235 2765


Amount brought forward. Walnut street

Square Locust street

Square Spruce street

Square Fine slrect

Square Lomljard strec t

Squ:u"e Cedar street

Total feet.




Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue, bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding house, c. h. counting house, c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, gent, gentleman, gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- amensing, manuf. manufacturer and manufactory, M V Mantua Village, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mr maker, n near, N North, N L Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, P T Penn Township, R Ridge, Rd Richmond, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf wharf or wharves, wid widow, (W P) Wesi Philadelphia.


Aaronson Geo. P., carp. 5 Parrish Abbett & Renouf, carps., Weaver bel Coates Abbett Mrs. S. M., milliner, 109 N 5th Abbey Chas., goldbeater, 24 Pear, h 71 Spruce ABBEY CHARLES &. SON, gold beaters, 24

Pear Abbey C. C, druggist, Richmond bel Hunt- ingdon (R) Abbey Roswell, machinist, 261 N 8th Abbey Wm. R., gold beater, 24 Pear Abbott Chas., clerk, 255 Marshall Abbott Chas. H., mer. 16 N 4th, h 11 Sansom Abbott C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th Abbott & Conard, hardware, S E 2d and Coates Abbott Edward, mer. 10 Clmrch a], h 55 New Abbott Edward W., trunkmr., Shackamaxon

bel Franklin Abbott Francis, bricklr. 300 S 6th Abbott Geo., mer. 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulberry Abbott Isaiah, bricklr., Clair n 6th Abbott James, mer. 127 High, h 245 Walnut Abbott James G., iron founder, 252 Marshall Abbott John, grocer, N E Bi'oad and Sassafras,

h Sassafras bel Broad ABBOTT, JOHNES & CO, silk goods, 153

High Abbott Joseph E., gent. 102 Wharton Abbott Jos., weaver, Bedford bel Broad Abbott Mary Ann, 14 Somer's ct Abbott Milton, potatoe dealer, 441 S Front Abbott Redman, mer. 153 High Abbott Samuel, Somer's ct Abbott Samuel, druggist, S E Sch 6th & Chan- cellor Abbott Samuel A., scalemr. 9th and Melon Abbott Samuel W., 10 Girard 1


Abbott Stephen F., b. h. 142 N 2d

Abbott Theodore, carp. 27 Nectarine

Abbott Thos., car driver, 319 St John

Abbott Wm., shop, 25 R road

Abbott Wm., harbor master, h 189 S 3d

Abbott Wm., real estate broker, 19 S 10th

Abbott Wm., hardwai-e, 2d and Coates, h 23

Coates Abbott Wm., lab. 19 Wilcox ABBOTT WILLIAM H., atty. & coun. 16 N 7th Abbott Wilson, brewer, 55 New Abel & Bicknell, brushmrs. 20 N 3d Abel Catliarine, gentw. 10 Brown Abel Catharine, wid. of Joseph, Ulrich Abel Chas. J., mer. 20 N 3d, h 5 Lodge Abel Chas. R., tinsm, 380 N 2d, h 450 N 4th Abel Edwin, shoemr. 17 Nectarine Abel George U., cordw.. Union ab Franklin Abel Henry, carter. Barber's ct Abel H. J., dressmr. 17 Nectarine Abel Isaac, bookbinder, 9th ab Ogden Abel Jacob C, clerk, Lombard ab Sch 8th Abel John, fisherman, Allen bel Palmer (K) Abel John, chairmr., Kennedy's ct Abel John, shoemr. 19 Rachel (N L) Abel Jno., watchman, 13th and Wallace Abel Joseph, cordw. 143 Poplar Abel Peter, cordw. Union ab Franklin (K) Abel Robert K., watchcase maker. Alder below

Girard av Abel Samuel, brassfounder, 5 York ct Abel Susan, wid. of Peter, 491 N 5th Abel Susan, Apple and Thompson Abel Wm. W., brassfounder, 60 Green Abeles B,., mer. 142 S 2d Abeles S., trimmings, 83 N 2d



Abell A. B, coach painter, 221 Mulberry, h 234

Calluirine Abell J:imcs, lab., Hye ab Mackey Abell Jos. A., cooper, 2d bcl Kctd, h 4th bel

Johnson's la Abels Hester, 292 S Front Abendroth Danl., c.ibinetmr. 51 llowanl Abercrombic Cliristiana, Fitzwater bel Lebanon Abcrnetliy John, carter, Sch 8tli n Willow Abemcthy Wni., lab. Sch Htii ab Cullowhill Abicht F.' M., bootmr. 115 N 6tl» Abrahams ls:uic, vict. 263 Green Abnlianis John, g'ent.j IJroail ab Brown Abralianis Moses, pent. 136 N 1 3th Abmhams Moses, tailor, rear 43 Coates Abrahams Wni., engineer, 6 Sjiring Mill ct (N) Abram Josepli, vict., Adams bel Oxford Abram Robeit, g-rocer, Sch 3d n Pine Abram AVm., vict., Hanover ab Franklin (K) Abranis David, vict., Apple and Mechanic Abranis Joseph, brickmr., Cadwalader bel Ox- ford (K) Abrams Joseph, atty. and coun., 43 N 5th Accooc Jesse, coachman, 13 Watson's al Accor Samuel M., slioemr., Carroll ab 13th Acheson Charles, flour mer., 387 High, h Cra-

mond bel Wasliinglon (W P) Acheson James, baker, Wood ab Sch od ACHESON, UOMMELL & FRY, flour mers.,

387 High Achufi Charles, coachmr., Elm bel Franklin Achufl^ James, turner, Sarali ab Queen (K) Ackerman Jacob, tailor, 6 Washington row Ackerman James, driver, Salmon ab Ann Ackeiman NichoIa.s, tailor, 161 Charlotte Acklev Benj., ladies' .shoemr., Ogden E Sch 8th Ackley Elizabeth, 289 S Front Acklev John, patternnir. 13th ab Carroll Ackley Myers F., niachini.st, Fitzwater n Broad Ackley Norman, constable. Poplar below 4th .Ackley Sarah, 138 Dillwyn Acklev Susan Mrs., Parrish and Uandolph Ackley Thos. W., mer. 177 High, h 133 N 10th Acklev Wm., paper boxmr. 22 Beaver ab St

John (K) Ackor Henry, baker, 220 Coates Ackroyd Jereniiah, dyei-, 22 W Cedar Acor Stejjhen, marble mason, h 42 Clinton Adair H. W., hatier, 45 K road Adair Uobert, Rev., See. Pliila. H. M. Society,

142 Chestinit, h Carpenter ab 3d Adair Robert, coacinnr., Carlton n Sch 8th Adair Robert, carter, 6 Union ct Adair Samuel, carter, Jolinson's la bel 5th Atlalr Wm. J., carp., William n Hamilton Adam I'hilip, lab., 4tli In! Master Adams .\lex., brushes, 31 Higli, h 232 Green Adams Akx., drayman, Walnut al A(bms Alfred, clerk, Wasliington ab 9lh Adams Amos, boot fin., Miles ab Rose Adams And. W., merciianf, 43 Higli Adams A. .Mrs., paper ruling, 1 S olli, h 62 Zane Adams Benj., carman, N W. 2d and Clu-istian Adams B. W., broker, 12 S 3d, h 388 Mulberry Adams, Brothers, blank books, 78 N 3d, li lotli

btl Melon Adams CbarleB, dry goo<l8, 79 Mulberry Adams Charles, shoemr.. White n Sch 8th

j Adams Chas. J. & Co., com. mers. 45 N Water ADAMS 8t CO., package express, 80 and 82 I Chestnut Adams C. I.., printer, cards, 118 Chestnut, h 2

Courtland pi .\dams David, weaver, Federal ab 12th ADAMS DAVID, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar Adams David B., waiter, 10 Bird's ct Adams Eleanor, layer out of the dead, Franklin

pi, rear 9tli ab Coates Adams Eliza W., 372 Cedar Adams Ellis, tavern, Riclimond ab WiHiam Adams F'rancis, carp., rear 5 Ogden ADAMS FRED. .M., att'v. and coun. 42 S 6ti),

h 162 Pine Adams George, conlw., Gray's ct Adams George, cordw., 3 Dilkes' ct Adams Henry B., brass turn.. George E Sch 5th Adams Isaac, lab. 13 .Maria Adams Jacob, Crawford ct Adams James, book-keeper, 40 Palmyra sq Adams James, lab., Nixon n Pearl Adams Jame.s, lab., Wharton bel 7th Adams James, moroc. dr., West ab Wood Ad:*ms James, biscuit br., rear 112 Christian Adams James, malster, Moore Adams James, carp, weav., Catharine bel Broad ADAMS JAMES B., mer. 6 S Water, h 12th

ab Callowhill Adams James C, agent, S W 12th and Button- wood, h 409 N^llth Adams Jas. W., machinist, 6 Nectarine bel 11th Adams Japheth, canalman, Reed bcl Front Adams Jolm, cooper, 17 Vernon Adams John, moulder, 7 Whitehall Adams John, watclmian, 6th ab Master Adams John, blacksmith, Locust and Juniper Adams John, fislierman, Cherry ab Queen (K) Adams John, clothing, 40 Penn Adams John, carman, 10 Cox's al Adams John, cordw., Ross ab Queen Adams John, lab.. Pearl ab Sch 6th Adams John F., plasterer, Short ct Adams Jolin G., acct., Lewis W Sch 7th Adiims Josepii, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) Adams Joseph, musician, 4 Burrows' ct Adams Jos., niacii't., Riclimond ab Cumberland Adams J. B. conveyancer, S W 9th & George.

h 114 N 9th Adams Mary Ann, b. h. 319 Chestnut Adams Mary A., 157 Lombard Adams Mary A., wid., William bel Larch Ailams Patrick, lab. 4 Benton's ct Adams Robert, mariner, 30 Beck (S) Adams Robt., mer. 123 Walnut, h 20 Girard .\dan)s Robt. jr., coal dealer, N E Water and

Callowhill, h Charlotte ab Po])lar .\dams Robt., blacking inanuf, Rose bel Miles Adams Robt., Srh btli ab High .\<lams Robt., weaver, Philip bel Columbia (K) Adams Robt. H. & Co., hatter, 324 High Adams Robt.' Ik Co., com. mers. 123 Walnut .\(lams Ross, hatter, Sch 5th and William Adams R. N., barber, 16 S 5th Adams Samuel, clerk, Queen bcl Shackamaxon Adams Samuel, cabmr., 22 S 3d Adams Samuel C, brickmr., h Haddington, on

the Haverford roaS



Adams Sarah Jane, Cedar ab 12th

Adams Sarah J., wid., Jefferson W Sch 5th

Adams Stephen L., stationer, 78 N 3d, h 13th

bel Melon Adams Susan, 723 N 2d Adams Thomas, weaver, Howell Adams Thos., carter, Nixon and Pearl Adams Thos., clerk, Plinlimmon pi Adams Thos., cordw.. Queen ab Hanover (K) Adams Thos., mer. 220 Sassafras Adams Thos., carter, Nixon and Pearl Adams Thos. F., printing- ink manuf. 73 N 3d,

h 409 Green Adams Thos. J., mer. 45 N Water Adams Thos. M., g-rocer, N W 7th and Poplar Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates Adams Wesley, P road bel Washing-ton Adams Wm., Crown bel Duke (K) Adams Wm., g-rocer, S W 11th and Brown Adams Wm., beer-house, 80 Locust Adams Wm., shoemr., Vienna bel Duke Adams Wm., cordw.. Leopard ab Otter Adams Wm., carp. 6 Hulseman pi Adams Wm., collector, 26 O Yroad Adams Wm., currier, 334 Coates Adams Wm., stoker. Tulip ab Cumberland (R) Adams Wm. B., waiter, rear 5 Ronaldson Adams Wm. D., carp. 29 Hutchinson Adams Wm. G., blacksm. 6 Howard pi Adams AVm. H., sec. Gr. Lodg-e, Hall S 3d, h

200 S 4th Adams Wm. M., drayman, Duke bel Vlenna(K) Adams Wm. M., grocer, 427 N Front Adams & West, clothing, 12 N 2d Adamson Hessel, carp. 6 Weccacoe ADAMSON & HEIMS, iron rail manuf. 465

•Callowhill Adamson James, weaver, 13th ab Federal Adamson James, carpet weaver, 125 N 6th, h

Carlton bel 13th Adamson Joseph, mer. 164 Wood Adamson John, weaver, Mechanic bel Franklin Adamson John L., blacksm., Washington bel

12th Adamson Joseph, blacksm.. Burr's av Adamson Mary, 14 Hampton Adamson Thos., dry goods. Poplar and 10th Addicks John E., mer. 159 High, h 203 N 6th ADDICKS, VAN DUSEN & SMITH, boots

and shoes, 159 High Addis Charles, brickmr., Shippen la bel Cedar Addis J., brickmr., Sch 3d bel Pine Addison Isaac, ship carp.. Church ab Reed Addison Wm., jeweller, 98 Wood Adkins Elizabeth, 22 Pearl Adkins John H., barber, 154 Cherry Adkins Rachel, tailoress. Front n Church Adkisson Samuel, shoemr., Hallowell n 6th ADLER GEORGE S., leather manuf. 64 New

Market, h 6th ab Green Adler John B., moroc. dresser, 44 Chatham Adler Samuel, dry goods, 262 N 2d Adolph Alfred, hatter, 39^ N 2d Adolph G., cai-p., 24 Coates Adolph & Keen, hatters, 39-J N 2d Adshead Jeremiah, clerk, 25 Dock Adshead Jno., huckster, N E 12th and Cedar Aechternacht F. A., tailor, 44 Chester I

Aertsen James M., mer. 8 S Front, h Pine ab

Blight Aerstsen John P., mer. 150 Hig-h, h 100 George Afferbach Charles, cigartnr.. Perry bel Phoenix Afferbach Wm., gunsm. 621 N 2d (K) \

Afflerbach John H., cord, 4th n Cohocksink Afflick Morris E., bricklayer, 107 Franklin, coal

yard, 9th ab Poplar Agan James, carp., rear 15 Dillwyn Agan John, packer, 110 N 8th Agan Pat., lab., Sch Front ab Filbert Ager Wm., moulder. Union bel Franklin Ages Nancy, washer, 57 Currant al Agestorff Christian, cabinetmr. 4 Jackson Agnew & Co., fancy dry goods, 186 Chestnut Agnew David, lab., William below Biddle Agnew Dennis, weaver, Washington bel Oxford Agnew Henry O., blacksm., Sch 6th and Jones \ Agnew Isabella, dry goods. 97 N 9th Agnew James, weaver, Milton bel 11th Agnew John, lab., Biddle n Sch AGNEW JOHN, Franklin Works, 340 Vine,

h 12 Morgan Agnew John, foundryman, M'Coy's ct Agnew John, carter. Master and Hancock Agnew Samuel, publisher, 12 N 11th Agnew Wm., fancy dry goods, 186 Chestnut, li

22 Washington sq Agnew Wm., carp., Washington ab 4th Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 48 N 7th AHERN DANIEL, tavern, 168^ S 6th Ahern Eugene, bookbinder, 298 S 10th Ahem Patrick, 17 Fayette Ahl Nicholas, tailor, 58 N 4th Ahn Wm., machine pi., Sp Garden E Sch 7th Ahrenfelt C. & Co., fancy goods, 205 High Ahi'ens A. F., M. D., 1 Swanwick Aikens David, lab., 8 Shippen Aikens Robert, shoemr., Lombard E Sch 7th Aikins James, cabinetmr, 57 Pine Aikle John, weaver, 2 Horn's ct Aikman John, hat blockmr. 33 Dock, h 162|

S2d Ailes Alexander H., shoemr., S W 13th and Fi)

bert, h 19 Howard Ailes Catharine, shoemr. 5th bel Queen Ailes Joseph, shoemr., S W 13th and Filbert Aim E. Mrs., milliner, Beach ab Ken. Market Ainscow Thos., weaver, Duke bel Palmer Ainstlne Leopold, lab, 146 Brown Ainsworth Edward, lab.. Front n Greenwich Airey Chas., bricklayer, Fraley's al (K) Airey Ehzabeth, Fraley's al (K) Airhert Gotlieb, tanner, 35 Hazel Airs Jane, 13 Peach Airy John, soap boiler, 139 Franklin Aitken Amelia, 221 Marshall Aitken Charles C, boot manufacturer, 19 Ed- ward (K) Aitken Edw. R., clerk, 167 Green Aitken John, tavern, N E Franklin and Howaril Aitken Josepli, maimf.. Front ab Otter Aitken J. & C. C, bootmrs., 19 Edward (K) Aitken Thos. P., rear 73 G T road Aitken Wm., teacher piano, 5 Lebanon row A'itklns Eliza, widow. Crown bel F road (K) Aitkins Jno., shoemr.. Cedar ab 11th Aitkins Joshua, lab. Hampton



Aken Alexander, carman, Callowhill ab 13th

Akcn Clias., carter, Anthony

Akers & Howcrs, painters, 62 N 5th

Akers Irwin, varieties, 25 S Front

Akcrs Thomas, china & qucenswarc, CA7 High

Akin John, brnshmr., I'erry and Lomhanl

Akin Joseph, grocer, N K Hro:ul and Locust

Akin Ophelia, 18 Prune

Akins Charles, carp., 11 Turner

Akins Jolin, liootnir , rear 6 Carpenter

Albert Charles, segar boxmr. ApjjJe & Oxford

Albert Dr. 129 New

.Mbert Ilenrv, skin dresser, Schleisman's al

Albert John, i)0()t crimper, 5 Orange

-Vlbert Leonard, lab., rear (i road ab Jefferson

Albert Michael, ship carp., 121 Swanson

Albcrti Geo. F., cupper, Clair below Carjienter

-Mbertie Bculah, trimmings. Lemon ab 10th

Albertson Ann, Carpenter bel 7th

Albertson Hen., mer. 14 Hank, h 45 N 6th

Albertson Charles, conlw., Hanover ab Duke

Albertson Charles S. clerk, 5th ab Hedwood

Albertson Enoch, conlw. 8th and P road

Albertson Gilbert, lab., Sylvester

Albertson Hiram, shipwr., Bedford bel Crown

Albertson Isaac, 314 N 3d

Albertson James, shipwright, Marlborough ab

Bedford (K) Albertson Joseph, shoes, 89 Queen bel Marl- borough (K) Albertson & Leonard, ship joiners, Allen ab

Shackamaxon (K) Albertson Marmadukc, shipwright. Beach ab

Marlborough (K) Albertson Mary K., gentw. 74 Dillwyn A.lbertson Kichard, lab., G T road al) 2d Albertson Thomas J., shipwright, Bedford bel

Crown (K) Albertson Tliomas S., cordwainer, 68 N 3d, h 16

Clarke Albertson William, cordw., Queen bel Shacka- maxon (K) Albertson Wm., cordw., Bedford ab Shacka- maxon (K) Albrecht George, carpt. weaver, 86 Vine Alhrecht J. F., shoemr., 7 N 10th Albright Herman, tailor, 72 George (S) Albright Jacob, plasterer, rear 71 tierman Albright Jacob, 80 German Albright John W., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 347

S3d Albright Mary, Schleisman's al Albrigiit Narcissa, 18 S 3d Albright Ilebccca, 1 CJoodwill ct Albright Saml., carp. 13 W North Albright Wm. salesman, 132 N 13th Alburger Abmham, painter, 651 N 2d (K) Alburger Abraham, victualler, 281 Callowhill Alburger Adam, Jr., 2d bel Ha/.el \lburger Charles M., plumber, N W Marshall

and Noble, h 250 N 7th Alburger Christian, butcher, Powell ab Ann Alburger Edward, bookbinder, 16 Wesley Albiu-ger .lacob T., |)ro\isions, 13 Dock Alburger John, lab., 9 .Marker Alburger John (;., victualler, 259 Callowhill Alburger .Mary, Hollow ay's av Alburger I'hilip, i)utcher, 15 .Marker

Alburgvr Susan and Elizabeth, teachers, 125 M

road Alburger & Stratton, painters, 651 N 2d (K) Alburger William M., plumber, N W Marshall

and Noble, h 64 Marahall Albus John, bootmr. 19 Sterling al Alcone And'w, carpet manvif , Sch 5th ab High Alcorn Cieo., lab.. Summer ab Sch 2il Alcorn James, coachman, 13th ab Christian Alcorn James, baker, 13th and Ogden Alcorn Samuel, carter. Filbert bel Sch 2d Alcorn William, lab., Montgomery bel 2d (K) Alden D. P., 55 S whfs. h Wood bel 9th Alden Manoah, Sch 8th ab Parrish Aldermen Mary, Marker ab 2d Aldemian John, roller, Beach bel Hanover Aldington George, Uiilor, 191 S 7th Aldred George, varnishcr, Alder ab Poplar Aldrich Cynthia, b. h., 231 Spruce Aidridge & Earp, fancy goods, 179 High Aldridge Geo., lab., Hutchinson ab Poplar Aidridge Geo., blacksm., Alder bel M:uster Aldridge Samuel H., mer. 179 High Aidridge Wm., brickmaker, Hutchinson above

Poplar, h Tyler above Thompson Alexander Abel, baker, Callowhill ab Sch 3d Alexander And'w, stonecutter, Parrish bel 12th Alexander Ann, wid. of Kichard, 24 Plum Alexander Cath. A., tailoress. Little Willow Alexander Cornelius, carp., Jarvis' la ab Front Alexander C, 14 Tammany Alexander Dobson, lab.. Brown bel Emery Alexander Edward, machinist. Pearl bel Sch 3d .\lcxander Eliza, 18 Combes' al Alexander Elizabeth, 26 S 13th Alexander Elizabeth, dressmr. 248 Filbert Alexander Elizabeth, 6 North Alexander F. U. print cutter, Sch 2d & Winter Alexander Geo., weaver, Biddle n Nixon Alexander Geo., conductor. State ab Sch 7th Alexander (ieo., b. h., 20 Swanson Alexander (ieorge, grocer, N E 3d and Coates Alexander Henry, lapidist, Marriott bel 3d Alexander Hibberd, clerk, Green bel Mary

(WP) Alexander Hugh, dry goods, 5 S 2d, h Mulber- ry n Sch 5th Alexander Hugh,combmr., Marlborough below

Franklin (Iv) Alexander Hugh, liquors, Thompson and Alder Alexander Jas., weaver. Perry bel Phoenix Alexander Jas., driver, 796 N 2d Alexander James, carpet weav.. Pearl a!) 13th Alexander James, constable, 4 (."entral ])1 Alexander James C., car])., Ball ab Beach (K) Alexander John, drayman. Sassafras &, (iel)hard Alexamler John, porter, 612 N 2d Alexander John, dep. Hour insp., 10th and Sp

Garden Alexander John, painter, 4o M road Alexander John, butcher, Front bel (Jreenwich Alexander John, shoemr. 207 Locust Alexander John, lal). 4 Hunter Alex.ander .lohn, cordw., Shippenbel 12th Alexander .loseph, i)rinter, KH (Christian Alexander Jos., lab., I'l-nnt bel (ireenwieh (S) Ali-xander Julia, sempstress, 71 Buchanan's pi Alexander Lewi.s, porter, 6 Pryor's ct



Alexander Martin W., clerk, Washington ab 9tli Alexander Morris D., Sch 6tli ab Filbert Alexander Periy, whitewasher, Prosperous al Alexander Richard, waiter, 22 St John Alexander Robert, lab., Lancaster bel Reed Alexander Robert, weaver, 34 Harmstead Alexander Robert, mason, 58 Queen (S) Alexander Robert J., grocer, Sch 2d and "Wood Alexan'ler Samuel, lab., Washington n Moore

(W P) Alexander Sarah, Marriott bel od Alexander Snvder, baker. Spruce n Sch Front Alexander 'I'heod., cordw. 96 German Alexander Thomas, lab.. Pine ab Pratt Alexander Wm. telegraphist, 63 Christian Alexander Wm. comb mr., AVest n Union (K) Alexander Wm., Master bel 7th Alexander Wm., collector, 15 Jefferson row- Alexander Wm., teacher, 117 M road Alexander Wm., lab., Sch 4th bel Lombard Alexander Wm., cooper, rear 62 M road Alexander Wm. G., Pres. Phil, and Trenton R.

R. 47 S whfs., h 193 S 11th Alexander Wm. G. paper stainer, Sch 2d and

Carlton Alexander Wm. J. bootmr., 4 Randall's ct Alexander Wm. L., salesman, 103 Dillwyn Alford Elizabeth, 70 Brown Alford ilar}", 14 Wallace Alford Wm. book-keeper, 120 Christian Alford Wm. cabt. mr. 115 N 5th Algea James, grocer, 333 S 3d Algea Rebecca, 1 Morris Algeo John H., cooper, Linden and Brenton Algie Daniel, block-cutter, N E 7th and MuL

beny, h Pearl ab Sch 3d Algie D. & W. paper-hangings, N E 7th and

Mulben*)' Algie Wm., paper-hanger, N E 7th and Mul- berry, h Pearl bel Sch 7th Algie Wm. macht, Carlton ab Sch 8th Algier Joseph, Carlton bel Sch 5tli Alkins George, 13th bel Coates Alkins Henrj', cordwainer, Washington ab Park

(W P) All Chas. W. potter, 110 Crown All John, lab., Harrison n Sch 2d Allanesse Rachel, washer, 1 Little Pine Allaway Richard, cordwainer. Law's ct Allbright Elizabeth, hotel, 404 N 2d Alleback John, carp., Lewis ab Girard av Alleborn J., M. D., 464 N 4th Allen Aaron R., bricklaj'er, Schleisman's al Allen Alfred W., constable, 481 N 4tli Allen Allston, dry goods, 622 Vine Allen Andrew, moulder, Marseilles' pi Allen Andrew JI. bricklay. Howard pi Allen Ann, beer house, 125 Swanson Allen Ann, b h, 309 Chestnut Allen Ann ^Y. 22 Scheetz Allen Anna, 117 S 4th Allen Anna, washer, Centre n 13th Allen Anna A., dressmr. 11 Castle Allen A. G. acct. 62 Union Allen Benjamin, bootmr., R road bel Coates Allen Benjamin, clerk, 85 Old York road Allen Benjamin, clerk, 47 Filbert Allen Cairns, silver pi., Becket W Sch 7th

Allen Catharine, sempstress. Cedar ab Sch 8th

Allen Charles, surg. inst. mr. 5 Lewis

Allen Charles H., blacksm., 34 John

Allen Charles J., teacher, h 146 Pine

ALLEN CLAYTON, tailor, 72 Chestnut, h 40

Madison Allen C, M. D., 383 Sassafras Allen Daniel, dyer, 620 N 4th Allen David, weaver, Washington bel Oxford Allen Edmund, tailor, S W 9th and High, h 36

Whitehall Allen Edward, huckster, George ab Sch 7th Allen Edwai'd, shoemr., Barron bel Gaskill AUen Edward, shoemaker. Little Washington

ab 9 th Allen Edwin, japanner, 158 Sassafras, h 13th

ab Melon Allen Elizabeth, 4th n Washington Allen Elizabeth, Howard ab Phoenix ALLEN ENOCH & CO., tailors, 9th and High Allen Ejihraim, lab., Bath bel Ann (R) Allen E., tailor, 9th and High, h 36 Whiteh^ Allen Francis, seaman, 12 Green st Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 2 Stanlej^ ALLEN GEORGE, prof, lang., Sch 6th bel

Walnut ALLEN GEORGE, boots and shoes, 326 High Allen George, coachman. Carpenter ab 9th Allen George E., Wood ab 13th Allen George W., chairmr., Chai'les (S) Allen George W., M. D. 326 N 7th Allen Geo. W., mer. 31 High, h Chestnut and

Till (W P) ALLEN G. F., wholesale and retail draggist,

S E 13th and Cedar Allen Harriet, b h, 8 Christian Allen Henr}', sparmr. 9 Duke Allen Henry S., baker, Ogden n Sch 7th Allen Henry S., mer., 98 S Front, h N E 4th &

Spruce Allen Isabella, grocer. Queen ab Bishop (K) Allen James, umbrella mr., Preston bel Melon Allen James baker, 209 Spruce Allen James, refectory, 52 N 2d, h Fraley's ct Allen James, alderman. Chestnut & Till (W P) Allen James, lab., rear 24 St. Mary Allen James FI., engraver, 4th ab Washington Allen James & Son, plaster casters, 113 W

High, h Chestnut and Till (W P) Allen Jane, 263 Sassafras AUen Jeanette, weaver, Bedford bel Broad Allen John, bricklayer, 283 S 8th Allen John, lab. 3 Bledisloe pi Allen John, teacher, 274 N 7th Allen John, carter. Orchard bel Rawle Allen John, 29 Barclay Allen John, lab., Harrison Sch 3d bel Pine Allen John, capt. 261 Parrish Allen John B. A., mer. 7 S whfs, h 219 Filbert Allen John C, 179 S 5th Allen John H., grocer. Bank and Sorrel (R) Allen John M., tinsm., 123 N 11th Allen John P., pattern mr., Lee AV Sch 5th Allen Joseph, cabinetmr. 137 Walnut, h Green

ab 11th Allen Joseph, gilder, 6 Raspberry al Allen Joseph, weaver. Front ab Jefferson Allen Joseph L., carp. 34 John (S)



Allen Joseph W., barber, Dale House, h 16

Gaskill Allen Jusi:ili J. mer., 23 S whfs, h 22 Georpc ALLKN J. H. A & S., oil mers., 7 and 8 S wlifs Allen J. M., M. U., 160 S 10th Allen .1. 'I'., plustcTcr, Sell 6lh bcl Filbert Allen Lewis M., mer. 98 S Front, h N E 4th k

Spruce Allen Man-, tobacco, 271 S 4th Allen M;u-y, grocer, 211 Sliippen Allen M;irv G., N W 2(1 and (Jatharine Allen M. A., cup. and leecher, 188 .Shippen Allen Moses, ho<l car., Pearl ah Sch 6th ALLKN &. NEF.DLES, oil mers., 22 and 23

S whfs Allen Richard, seaman, 10 Currant al Allen Kichard S., clerk, 300 Marshall Allen Kobert, weaver, Oxford bel Front Allen Uobt., distiller, S W3d & Plum, h 276 S 3d Allen Robert, weaver. Brown ab Hanover Allen Samuel, mer. 7 S wh(s., k 352 N 6tli Allen Saml., teacher. Pine bel 2(1, h 134 S Front Allen Samuel, weaver, Dug'an & M'Mackin's ct Allen Samuel, moulder, 92 Christian Allen Samuel U., bricklayer, 10 Mville Alien Sarah, trimming-s, 193 Lombard Allen Sweeten, lab., Jackson ct Allen Thomas, gent. 250 Marshall Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead Allen Thomas, tentmr., Sliippen ab 3d Allen Thoma.s, Rev., 88 Gaskill Allen Uhomas, cordw. 27 Harmony Allen Thos., lab., 3 White's ct (S) Allen Thomas G., Rev., h 14 JefTerson row Allen Thomas H., collector, 202 S Front Allen Thos. R., lab., Georg-e ab 10th Allen Wm., carp. 342 S 5th Allen Wm., seaman, 80 Pcnn ALLEN W.M., aldcmian, P road ab Federal Allen Wm., baker, Crown n West (K) Allen Wm., machinist, 324 N 8th Allen Wm. sail maker. Spruce st whf, h4th and

Marriott .\llfn Wm. hair dress. 6 S 9th, h 14 Watson's al Allen Wm. mer. 65 S Front Allen Wm. jr., cabmr., 137 Walnut, h Green

ab llth ALLEN WILLIAM C, wooden ware, 1 Chest- nut, h Wallace ab llth Allen Wm. (;., weig-hmaster, 34 S whfs, h 188

S Front Allen William H. hardware, 31 High, h 108

N llth ALLEN WILLIAM II., pies. Girard Colleg-e ALLEN WILLIAM & J. furniture, 137 Walnut Allen Wm. M., tailor, S W 6tli and Haines, h

112 N 12lli Allen Wm N. dry g'ood.s, N W 7th and Green Allen Wm. S. carp., 29 Dilwyn, h .Mechanic ab

C;eorg-e Allen Wm. «. clerk,' 43 Marshall Allen, Wilson St Co., 14 S 6lh -Mien 8t Wvand, japanners, 158 Sassafras Allen W. 11. & G. W., hardware, 31 High Alleson Hannah, g-eiitw. 24 (Jeorg-c Alleyne John, gent. 542 Vine Allgeier John F., florist. Christian and Broad Allibone James, bricklayer, rear 94 Christian

Allibone S. Austin, mer. 17 S whfs, house 254

Mulberry Allibone Thos., tobacconist, 43 Coates Allibone Thos. mer. 32 N whfs, h Walnut and

William (W P) .\llibone Thos., sr., tobacconist, 14Tammanv ct ALLIBONE THOMAS & CO. com. mers. 32 N

whfs and 63 N ^\'ater .\Hig-um Gregory, lab., Sch Water bel Lombard .\Hingham Wm. carp., (Jcorgc E Sch 2d .\Hington Aaron, stationery, 512 N 2d .\Hinson George B., civil engineer, 356 Walnut .\llinson Samuel, 356 ^Valniit .\lllson Alex., color nir., Marlliorough ab West Allison David A., coal mer.. Broad and Locust Allison Jas., tailor, 316 High, h Filbert ab 13th Allison James, painter and glaz., Short ct Allison J.pewterer, Pine ab Warren (W P) Allison John, lab.. Pearl ab 13th Allison John, tavern, S E Water and Callowhill ALLISON JOSEPH, altv. at law, N E 7tli and

Noble Allison Rebecca, gentw.. Concord st ALLISON & SMITH, dniggisLs, 139 Spring

Garden Allison Thomas, tailor, S W lOth and Pine, h

Owen rear 13th Allison Walter, carp., 18 Chancellor W Sch 7th Allison Wm., 308 Green Allison W. C, car builder, Broad n Vine, h 33

Brandywine .\llkire Jeremiah, market man, 3 Gaskill Allman Edward, hatter, 184 High, h 262 N 12th Allman Thomas, 4th and Vine Allman Thomas, carp., Russell Allman Thomas, sen., bricklaver, HaTcrford Sc

3d (M V) Allmendingcr Ch.arles, trimmings, 8 Bank, h

Franklin ab Sp Garden Allmendingcr Wm., baker 71 Crown Allmcritten George, cabmr., N W Howard and

Phccnix (K) .\lloway Geo. W., painter, Allen ab Hanover Alloway Isaac, cordw. 204 St John Alloway Lewis, waterman, 9 Brown Alloway Samuel, cooper, 3 Mary Alloway Samuel, cordw. 204 St John Allo\\ ay Wm., drayman. Palmer n F road Alls Wm., shoemaker, Atherton n Marriott Almeida Robert, confect. 6 Filiiert av Almond John, Lancaster Pike a!) Moore Almond Wm., Haverford and 6th (.M V) ,\lp David, cordw., Hope ab Phoeni.x Alrich J. N., mer. 70 N 3d Alrich Peter, blacksmith, 4 State \lricli Samuel, lab., Huston n West Alrich Susan, widow. Beach ab Palmer .Mschbacli Jacob, lab., rear 34 Palmyra sq Alsop Amy, 93 S 4th Alsop (korge M., teacher, 181 N 8th Alsop Geo., vinegar, 170 N 5th .\lsop Robert, printer, Morris E William .\lsop Robert, atly & couii. 58 S 4th h 6th n


Alsop Samuel, cabmr., Bedford ab 12th Alsop Thomas, jeweller, 12 S 2d Allamatt Jerome, cordw., Marshall al) Poplar Allans Jacob, cordw.. West bel Palmer



Altemus Benj. C, tailor, 400 N 10th Altemus Nicholas, blacksm. 6 Reid's ct Altemus James, constable, 527 N 2d Altemus Joseph T., bookbinder, 44 N 4th, h

373 N 7th Altemus Samuel T., mer. 78 High, h Walnut ab

Mary (W P) Altemus, Sanford, chairmr. 23 Cox Altemus Wm., starch manuf. 2d and Oxford, h

669 N 2d Alter Charles, cordw., N E Front and Shippen Alter Jacob, grocer, 404 N 6th Alter Solomon, mer. 247 High, h 328 N 6th Alter Jacob, baker, 16 S 10th Alter & Heilweig, bakers, 292 S 8th Altermatt Jerome, cordw.. Poplar ab 6th Altevought Wm., sug. ref. 4 Clawges ct Althings H., cordw., Washington (W P) Althouse Enos, flour dealer, 113 Apple Altliouse E. &. Co., grain and feed, 238 N 8th Altmire John, carp. 2 Schrader's ct Alverson Andrew, seaman, Braceland's ct Alvord C. C, cai-p. 20 Chester Alward Henry M., shoemr. 13th bel. Buttonwood Amat Rev. T., N E Sch 5th and Sassafras Amber Wm., hostler, Girard av bel Sch 4th Amberg Caspar, lab. 6 Collins' al Amberg H. W., pianomr. 181 Spruce Ambler David, bricklayer, 20 Lewis Ambler John, tinsmith, S W Marshall and Sp

Garden Ambler Thomas, tinman, 41 Ogden Ambranee Fred., Stilly ct Ambrose Isaac, lab., rear 200 Lombard Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, Mulberry n Broad,

h 153 N Juniper Ambrosi Marj^ E., milliner, 5 Scheaff AMBROSI THOMAS C, painter, 15 N 13th h

Amos Celeste, washer, McKean's ct Amos Chas., stovemr. 197 N 2d, h 67 Tammany Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market Amos Geo., shoemr.. Myrtle ab 11th Amos Jacob, carp., Coates al, h 67 New Amos John, sailmr., rear Federal ab 5th Amos Jonathan, tailor, 456 Poplar Amos Nathan, well digger, Oak (W P) Amos Sarah \" ., 2 Porter's ct Amthon And., cabmr. 394 N 7th Anable Courtland W., atty. 49 S 6tli Anable Misses, teachers, 311 Walnut Andas F. J., turner, Penn's al Anders Wm., furn. car, rear 66 P road Anders John, bootmr. 155 Locus,t Anders John, blacksm., Harriet ab Palmer (K) Anderson Alex., wheelwrt.. High W Sch 3d Anderson Alex., polisher, Carlton n Sch 5th Anderson Andrew, mariner, Swanson bel Queen Anderson Andrew, brickmr.. Diamond bel 5th Anderson Andrew, Khoads ab Sch 5t]i Anderson Ann, nurse, Marriott bel 3d Anderson A. G., dressmr., Sch 7th bel Callowhill Anderson Cath., 152 Queen (K) Anderson Cecilia, whitewasher, 312 Cedar Anderson Chas., mason, Washington n Moore Anderson Chas. P. 242 Spruce Anderson Chas., draj^man. Front belPhoenix(K) Anderson Chas., butcher, Marion and Rje Anderson Chas. W., barber, 40 S 6th, h 6 Bay Anderson Christian, gent. 3 Lombard ct Anderson Christian, 4 Culvert Anderson David, tavern. Cedar ab Sch 8th Anderson David, plasterer, Parrish ab Sch 8th Anderson Edward, mer. 28 N 3d, h 162 Catha- rine Anderson Elizabeth, 88 Crown (C) Anderson Elizabeth, conf. 321 Pine

5 Scheaff Ambruster David, bricklayer. Larch bel Melon j Anderson Ellen, Hope ab Master Ambruster J., bricklayer, Wallace bel 11th Anderson Emeline, milhnery, 365 N 6th

Amer Anne, Sch 8th ab Fairview Anderson George, porter, 3 Gray's al

Amer John, moulder. Wood bel Sch 7th i Anderson Henry, shoemr. 12th bel Pine

AMER JOSEPH H., machinist, 288 Sassafras, ' Anderson Hugh, coal yard. Broad & Callowhill,

h Green ab IStli

Amer Lawrence, cordw. 351 Coates

Amer Wm., lab., rear 13 Lily al

Amer Wm., morocco dresser, N W 3d & Wil- low, h Green bel Franklin






Ames Josiah, ship master, 152 Catharine

Amet C. P., agent, 435 N 11th

Amies Israel, bookbinder, Washington ab 9th

Amies Margt., b h, rear 10 N 6th

Amies Thos. K., salesman, Washington ab 11th

Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh Coal and Na- vigation Co. 82 S 2d, h 17i S 3d

Amon Christian, baker, Beach ab Maiden (K)

Amone John, cordw. 1 Mechanic

h William n Front Anderson Jacob, oyster house, 362 High Anderson Jacob W., barber, N W 10th and

Parrish Anderson James, weaver, Callowhill n Sch 2d Anderson James, weaver, 12th ab Pine Anderson James, brickmer. Union ab Franklin Anderson James, carter, 1 Flemming row Anderson James, weaver, Brinton ab 12th Anderson James, druggist, Callowhill n Sch Anderson James, lab. 7 Khne's row Anderson James, stonecutter, 1 Wistar Anderson James, weaver, Howard bel Master(K) Anderson James, lab. 21 Vernon Anderson James, lab., Shippen ab 7th Anderson James L., chairmr. 53 N 6th Anderson Jesse, lab., rear 569 S Front Anderson Jno., bootblack, rear Lombard n 12th Anderson John, weaver, F road bel Master (K) Anderson John, weaver, 4 Russell's ct Anderson John, mason, Horn's ct Anderson John, lab., Patton's ct Anderson John, bootcleaner, rear 201 Lombapd Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce




Anderson John, cl>andler, Williams' ct Andersion Joliii, niillwrt. ;)(j8 tirecn Amk'rM)n Jolin, l:ib., ^'lnc !t Nixon Anderson Jolni K., bllndmr. y S 13ih Anderson John U., tailor, 16 Ikck Aiidci-son Joseph, proccT, 78 S 2d Anderson Joseph, hlacksin., Feikral ah 6th Anderson Jos. (1., nuisirian, 252 Lombard Anilerson I.afayctle, comhmr., Union hcl West Anderson Levi, file niantif., I'alnur ah I'rank

lin (K) Anderson Lewis, wliarf builder, Wairen bcl

Qtiecn Anderson Margl. 265 Wood Anderson M;u-gt.. Master bel Hancock Anderson Mary, Irlnnning-s, Catliarine and Le- banon Anderson Mary, Pleasant ah 10th Anderson >i., Si. I).. S E 5t]i and Pine Anilerson Patrick, lab. 8 Vernon Anderson Peter, waiter, 32? Lombard Anderson Philip P., bootblack, 96 N 4th, h 10th

ab Girard avc Anderson Kebccca, Emerald n Sch 6th .\nderson Robert, carter, Sclj 2d ab Market Anderson Robert, coaclimr., Brow n ab loth Anderson Robert, weaver, 11 Mechanic Anderson Robert, weaver, 5 Russell's ct Anderson Rich., tavern, M road and Prime Anderson Rosanna, Brown ab 13th Anderson Samuel, milkman, 11 Lebanon Anderson Samh, 6th bel Green Anderson Saml. M., mer. 73 H\gh, h 203 S 8th' Anderson Sarah, Marlboro' ab Franklin Anderson & Shultz, boots and shoes, 31 N 3d Anderson Stephen D., tailor, 26 Ellen Anderson Stephen P., moulder. Brown bel 13th Anderson Thos., collector, 122 N 4th, h 323

Sassafras -Vnderson Tho.s., bootmr., Hamilton ab Cedar Anderson 'I'hos., lab., Stewart Anderson Wesley, mer., 351^ N Whanes, h 142

Sassafras Anderson William, carpenter, Charlotte below

Thompson Anderson Wm., lab., Dean's al Anderson Wm., weaver, Federal bel 13th Anderson Win., coaclmir.. Brown bel Broad Anderson Wm., stonecutter, Loud ab 9lii Anderson Wm., reedmr. loth ab Cedar Anderson \\'m., drayman. Orchard ab Georpe .Vnderson Wm., combmr., Union bcl West (K) Anderson Wm., morocco dresser, Marlboro' ab Anderson Wm., enj^incer, Goodbrcad's pi Anderson ^Vm., weaver, Hope l)cl .Master (K) Anderson Wm., weaver, Howard ab Master (K) Anderson Wm., lal)., Piiilip ab Ji-flcrson (K) Anderson Wm. S., mer., 31 N ?.d Anderson Wm. B., blinilmr., Beach bcl Marlbo-

roug-h (K) Anderson Wm. V. 242 Spruce ANDEH.SON W. &, CO., flour rners., 35i N wlifs Anderton Ann, milliiur, 12 N 12lh Andrade Joseph, mcrciiant, 28 Walnut, h 141

Spruce ANDRE GUST AVUS, music store, 19 S 5th, h

25 N 10th Andress and Brother, trimming^, 53 N 8th

Andress Conrad B., bricklr. 18 Nolilc

Andress & Durell, trimminufs, S W 2d & Coatcs

Andress Isaac, trimmings, 20 Noble

Andress Michael, bricklr. 20 Noble

Andress Saml. C., mer. 53 N Ktli, h Noble ab 8th

Andre.ss Sarah, slioebindcr, 7 Pratt's ct

Andrews Alex. J., engineer, Franklin bel Front,

h 490 N 5th ANDREWS BENJ., trunk manuf. 86^ High, h

185 N 6th .\ndrews Benj. L, trunkmr. 365 Marshall .\ndrews Catliarine, Sch 8lh ab Sassafras Andrews Daniel, ship carp., Gorrell's ct \n(liews Daniel, seaman, 12 liubbell Andrews David, milkman, 620 N 3d Andrews Edwd. C, clerk, 102 George Andrews Edw. L., teacher, 17 Flower Andrews Eliza, b h, CalJowhill n Sch 2d Andrews Geo., weaver, St. John ab George Andrews Geo., cordw. 11 Pratt's ct Andrews Henrv, brass moulder. Elm ab Bedford .\NDREWS HENRY W., com. mer. 63 S Front,

h 18 W Walnut Andrews Jacob, carmr.. Palmer opp Allen (K) Andrews James, waterman, 15 Sommers' ct Andrews Jas. B., printer, 303 S 8th Andrews James IL, ropemaker. Beach above

Maiden (K) Andrews John, tobacconist, Madison Andrews John, shoemr., Fisher Andrews John, tavern, Duke above Cherry (K)